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Saline tattoo removal

What is Saline Removal ?

Microblading eyebrows. Cosmetologist mak

Saline tattoo removal involves tattooing a specialized saline solution over your existing tattoo. The solution lifts the existing pigment molecules from the skin by the process of osmosis. A scab will form, which further lifts the previously placed pigment. The number of sessions needed depends on the saturation and size of your tattoo. I use the( Li-FT)




How much does it cost?

Removal is priced on a per-session basis, and multiple sessions will be needed depending on the saturation of your current tattoo. Each session is $100.


--Let them breathe! Do not cover the treated area with any kind of occlusive barrier

(like cellophane), makeup, or any kind of ointment/cream.

-Blot the treated area with a saline-dampened paper towel three times a day until scabs start to form.
-Do not ice the treated area!

-Avoid getting soaps, shampoos/conditioners or other cleansers on the treated area.
-DO NOT wash the treated area as long as you have any scabs, flakiness, or dead skin that's visible or still coming off. When showering, lather your hair slowly, then cup your hands over your forehead to prevent water from spraying onto your face. Do not put your face into the shower stream. Do not wash your face in the shower. Wash your face in front of a mirror to be sure you are avoiding the treatment area completely.
-Do not pick, scratch, or rub any skin flakes or scabs. Allow them to fall off naturally. Picking can cause scarring as well as decreasing the efficacy of the procedure.
-Once all the scabs have fallen off naturally (roughly 7-10 days), apply the Vitamin E Oil 3-4 times a day for a minimum of 4 weeks.
-Avoid any activities or exercising that causes heavy sweating until all the scabs have fallen off. So no hot yoga, hot tubs, long showers, baths, steam rooms, saunas, or heavy cardio.

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